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20k leagues under the sea. Piece for the Jules Verne Exhibition 2019.
Goo Shrooms creature illustration
A Quantum Uncertainty Cover Art by Rachel George
Werewolf illustration by Rachel George Illustration
Lava Heart Illustration
tengoku cover art
A Quantum Convergence Cover Art
Winter holiday Xmas Card Owl
The Fire Witch cover illustration
Death Wears Yellow Garters Cover Illustration
Starless Nights Cover Illustration
The Witch’s Daughter Cover Illustration & Design
The Darwin Solution Cover
The Second Sister Cover
Wolf’s Eyes Cover Illustration & Design
The Dragon Library
The Judgement of Minos Illustration
The Dragon’s Lair Illustration & Concept Art
Winter Valley Environment concept illustration.
The Book of Spirits
Vs The Lych Illustration Character Concept Design
Amorem et Mortem Horror Zine