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Licensing images? What's that?

Pretty much exactly what it sounds like!

Licensing images usually entails you paying a one-off fee to the image creator/agency/person responsible for licensing images and allows you to use the images in the way agreed on in your terms of licensing. The terms can be tailored to your useage needs.  If you see an image you’d like to use for your project, send me a message/email to [email protected]

How much does Licensing cost?

That completely depends on what you intend to use it for, what your distribution size is and how long you intend to use it for, but the short answer is: A lot cheaper than getting a custom illustration made from scratch.

So, I can use your images for my book cover/album art/magazine etc?

Yes! Purchasing licensing from me for one or multiple of these images allows you to use the image for your chosen purpose*. Simply send me a message or email to: [email protected] and we can work something out!

*To be agreed on in writing and licensing terms of your individual usage needs. This keeps us both protected and gives us both a physical document to refer back to.

How do I aquire an image license?

Simply send me a message or email to: [email protected] and we can go over how you’d like to use the image/s and work something out that best fits your useage needs and budget.

Images in this gallery are available for Licensing/Book Covers, Album Art, magazines, videogames .etc

Cold Magnolia Scifi Art
Wastelander Concept Art
20k leagues under the sea. Piece for the Jules Verne Exhibition 2019.
Goo Shrooms creature illustration
Werewolf illustration by Rachel George Illustration
Lava heart illustration
Winter holiday Xmas Card Owl
The Fire Witch cover illustration
The Dragon Library
The Dragon’s Lair Illustration & Concept Art
Winter Valley Environment concept illustration.
The Book of Spirits
Vs The Lych Illustration Character Concept Design
Amorem et Mortem Horror Zine