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Personal Projects and Why They’re Necessary

Personal Projects

Personal Projects & Why They’re Necessary

I remember the entire reason I started pursuing Illustration/Art/Design as a career. I spent countless hours in my own bubble either drawing, or gluing stuff together, or just ‘making’ something.

And I enjoyed it. It was fun.

Now I’m actually making a career out of illustration, things are a bit more serious than sitting on my Nan’s living room floor gluing toilet paper tubes together to make a ‘castle’ and then painting them in whatever leftover decorating paint she had – when I got really good at gluing things, I got to paint them with the piles and piles of paints I was bought for Xmas, and my birthday, and practically every occasion.

Thanks, supportive family and friends!

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I Self Analyzed My Illustration Portfolio

Portfolio Thumbnails 001

And How It Helped Me

Sounds pretty boring right? And why would I need to do that? I already know what’s in my portfolio, it’s my portfolio after all.

But honestly, it was quite informative, even if it was literally just my own input.

Actually looking at the work I’d done, taking note of the common themes and counting how many of what kind/genre/market/subject was present in my portfolio really helped give me an idea of what I needed to work on next.

It’s no set-in-stone formula, I just sat down with my freelancing journal and started writing while looking at the thumbnails of my work. (Something I honestly need to write in more, but It’s a lovely A4 leather bound lined journal where I write my freelancing goals, potential target markets and potential portfolio subjects, I’d recommend keeping one and it’s good to refer to if you’re looking at what you’ve done and what you want/wanted to be doing)

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