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Art, Fantasy, Illustration, Process

Dungeons And Dragons Commission Paint Process Video

By Rachel George · 26th June 2020

A recent time-lapse recording of my process for a Dungeons and Dragons commission of a Tiefling Herbalist Healer.

I am steadily remembering to record myself while working, though often I’m so focused on painting or excited to get started that I forget to open OBS and record.

Fantasy, Illustration, Process

Dungeons and Dragons Group Process

By Rachel George · 14th January 2020

A brief walkthrough and a few snapshots of my process of a recent commission for a client, a Dungeons and Dragons group scene meant as an Xmas present for 2019 for their friend. The Brief: The client requested a group shot of a friend’s characters interacting. The characters were all the same person (sort of) […]

Art, Illustration, Process

Cold Magnolia Process

By Rachel George · 14th June 2019

A very short blog post showing the process, or some snapshots throughout my time developing the ‘Cold Magnolia’ piece. This particular personal work started way back in 2016, prior to when I started properly recording my process. (When I rememeber to, I’ll admit I’m still not perfect at that yet) Thanks for reading!