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Cover Design & Illustration Process Darwin Solution

By Rachel George · 23rd April 2016


An Insight to Rachel’s Cover Design & Illustration Process

Once a client asks me to design/illustrate their cover, we’ll discuss their desires for the overall appearance of their cover, what they want to portray if they have any particular scene/important prop that should be featured on the cover, not all authors have a solid idea of what they want – and that’s fine – so usually we’ll discuss their likes/dislikes and any elements they would like to include.

I’ve chosen to use one of the covers I designed and illustrated for the wonderful Author Emma Ellinson and her book “The Darwin Solution” (Highly recommended if you like the idea of cool fantasy Dystopian London settings filled with demons, werewolves and fantastical creatures)

Emma knew she wanted key elements included on the cover, demonic wings, chains, bottles of poison, magic, a magical Book and of course a Key, as the book is a part of the  “The Tales of the Key” series.


mockups 000

After trying a few cover designs featuring a demon with the title along their back, this idea was scrapped as it was a bit of a spoiler.

mockups 001

I then approached the cover design with the intention of putting in as many elements as possible, Emma liked the idea on the far left the best, the focus on the Large Demon Wings with the other elements “framing” it.

mockups 002

So I started chipping away at the cover design and it was decided that a rendered approach, as apposed to flat black wings, would look better. I tried a variety of layouts, and Emma liked the version with the sword best, after further rendering that version the wolves were removed and instead a single wolf was placed on the back cover, the birds were also removed as the cover ended up looking a bit too “messy”.

But the end result was one that I was very happy with, and Emma Ellinson the Author was thrilled with, so cover design complete and mission accomplished!





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