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Dungeons and Dragons Group Process

By Rachel George · 14th January 2020


A brief walkthrough and a few snapshots of my process of a recent commission for a client, a Dungeons and Dragons group scene meant as an Xmas present for 2019 for their friend.

Initial Sketch prior to final detail for the outside characters

The Brief:

The client requested a group shot of a friend’s characters interacting. The characters were all the same person (sort of) but alternate manifestations of the original character ‘Dal’ (Wizard hat and wings) and three variants. The final image was to be given as a Xmas gift to the friend whom owned the characters, so it was all to be kept quiet as the client diligently sought to get me as much information about the characters as possible without alerting their friend.

I started with the sketch above, starting with the two characters whose info was most fleshed out at the time. While seeking further confirmation about the other two, the client spoke to their DM and sent me a word doc with some character profiles and some reference images.

All very helpful!

Grey values and Colour begins

The Characters:

The characters were as follows, from left to right: Curiosity, Dalboz, The Unspoken Storm and The Red Queen. The original is Dalboz, who started off as a human magic user, and through various mishaps and misadventures – mostly involving her unpredictability of her magic – is now a tiefling.

Their personalities are all very varied, along with their relationship and abilities with their magic, so capturing each individual was a fun and exciting task.

Also did I mention she has an entourage of bipedal rodent worshippers?

Almost finished, but a few more details came to light.

The Final Stretch (and some adjustments) :

Around this stage most of the image was already done, the bulk was all there and it was time to double and triple check everything was correct.

It was at this stage that the client discovered that Dalboz wasn’t – in fact – purple. And that while they were a Tiefling, they had retained their human complexion so some revisions were needed. I applied a mask and started with the base colour adjustment and then went from there, retouching and repainting where necessary to get the human skin tone that is present in the final image.

Final Image

All done!

The client expressed their friend was absolutely thrilled with their gift – and from their description of their reaction, I was overjoyed! They intend to have the image printed on a few things, I believe a laptop skin to start and I helped with that by taking a quick look at their file setup to make sure it all looked good before they sent it off to print.

All in all, I really enjoyed this job and it was fun to delve into the world of Dungeons and Dragons and get a little snapshot of Dalboz’s (and her variants) adventures and mishaps.

If you’re looking for something similar –

Or you’re interested in getting a commissioned piece of art from me, please head over to my contact page and send me an email! Or grab my email here: [email protected] thanks for looking!

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