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Making Youtube a habit (Or trying to)

By Rachel George · 29th July 2019


I have a Youtube channel now!

Well, I’ve had one for a bit but have seriously neglected it, and I’m trying to turn that around at the moment. I have no intentions of becoming a Youtuber (I do not have the time, nor editing skills or dedication that goes into running a full-time channel) but I’m trying to use it as a place to upload my process videos, WIPS and some sketches so clients and potential clients have somewhere to SEE how I do things.

A quick video of me sketching a little Book Knight dude

I’m hoping it will give some insight into my process, and even that I’ll learn something about how I work and how to improve my workflow by watching back my videos.

It’s already kind of working – I think – in that I’m trying to do less scribbly/short lines and get more control over my lines even in sketching so the end result is ‘cleaner’. Not that there’s anything wrong with a messy sketch, I just want to learn a bit more restraint with my pen movement. I really admire artists who can sketch with quick, long single lines and it’s something I want to try my hand at.

It’s also a good skill to have in 2019! A lot of job descriptions are calling for more and more skills for one position, that used to be spread across multiple hires/people. But it seems being a multi skilled creative is becoming more and more of a must, and my video editing skills are absolutely non-existent – currently! – so if I learn a new skill then that’s a success in of itself I think.

And lastly, it’s good for self promotion. The aim is to get more eyeballs on my work, more places my work is shared, and I feel I’ve got a good handle on the 2d finished image side of sharing my stuff (Twitter,Instagram,Facebook,Artstation,Tumblr,DeviantArt, etc etc) but no where to share my process beyond a longgggg post of screengrabs/screenshots which is rather limiting on places like Twitter.

It’s 2019 and YouTube is a huge media sharing hub full of hundreds of thousands of amazing creatives, and I may as well utilize something that’s free to use, right?

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